Can I manually flush the GPU cache in OpenCL kernel code?

Hi all,

I am playing with Mali T624 and OpenCL. By playing the kernel-space midgard driver, I am now able to access some I/O memory in the OpenCL kernel. However, the I/O memory I am accessing is volatile. For example, assume we have a kernel function with a 0x1000 size input buffer. The data at offset 0x10 of the buffer would change after each read (each read returns a different value), and I attempt to read 10 times from the offset (would get 10 different values in my expectation). The problem is that the GPU caches the data at the offset, and each read to the offset always returns the same value. So, is there any way to manual flush the GPU cache in the OpenCL kernel code?

Thanks for any help and discussion!

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