Mali hw counters not matching Streamline's built-in Mali Bifrost G71 profile


I am using Streamline 6.8.0, with gator daemon on a non-rooted Samsung Galaxy S8 Exynos. Streamline is connecting and capturing correctly, and I am trying to use the built-in Bifrost G71 profile, as I was used to do with the Midgard ones on S7.

Unfortunately, many of the pre-configured charts have a warning that they cannot find the corresponding counter. (I have tried all of the available ones).

Is it possible that counters have changed names? Is there an updated Streamline profile that I could use?



PS: I am attaching some screenshots that show the problem:

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  • Hi Lorenzo, 

    With the currently shipping drivers user-space gatord doesn't support the GPU Utilization charts unfortunately; these are only available when using gatord alongside the gator.ko kernel-space integration. This is fixed on the last driver release, as we've added support to expose this information to user space, but we have no control over when/if this update will land on shipping devices.