mali_egl_image official headers

To accelerate image IO operations I use mali_egl_image* functions from
I see them by objdump and got function prototypes from somewhere in internet

objdump --syms /usr/lib/ | grep mali_egl_image
00000000 l df *ABS* 00000000 mali_egl_image.c
000c5dc0 l O .data 00000004 current_mali_egl_image_version
0005bb50 g F .text 0000002e mali_egl_image_unset_sync
0005b746 g F .text 00000052 mali_egl_image_unlock_ptr
0005b7fe g F .text 0000002e mali_egl_image_get_width
0005b9b2 g F .text 00000040 mali_egl_image_get_buffer_width
0005b950 g F .text 00000062 mali_egl_image_unmap_buffer
0005b4ee g F .text 00000092 mali_egl_image_parse_attribute_list
0005baa6 g F .text 0000004e mali_egl_image_get_buffer_layout
0005ba32 g F .text 00000074 mali_egl_image_get_buffer_secure_id
0005b4b8 g F .text 00000006 mali_egl_image_get_error
0005b6f4 g F .text 00000052 mali_egl_image_lock_ptr
0005bb22 g F .text 0000002e mali_egl_image_set_sync
0005b484 g F .text 0000000a mali_egl_image_set_error
0005b798 g F .text 00000066 mali_egl_image_set_data
0005baf4 g F .text 0000002e mali_egl_image_create_sync
0005bb7e g F .text 00000036 mali_egl_image_wait_sync
0005b894 g F .text 0000002e mali_egl_image_get_miplevels
0005bc30 g F .text 00000042 mali_egl_image_destroy
0005b8c2 g F .text 0000008e mali_egl_image_map_buffer
0005b82c g F .text 0000002e mali_egl_image_get_height
0005b9f2 g F .text 00000040 mali_egl_image_get_buffer_height
0005bbb4 g F .text 0000007c mali_egl_image_create
0005b580 g F .text 00000174 mali_egl_image_create_parse_attribute_list
0005b85a g F .text 0000003a mali_egl_image_get_format
0005b48e g F .text 0000002a mali_egl_image_init
0005b4be g F .text 00000030 mali_egl_image_verify_image

Looking through Mali SDK i didn't find prototypes for these functions.
I imagine, that while develipment had some file like mali_egl_image.h
Where this file is available for download?