Mali errors on Xen


We are using Xen hypervisor on Hikey960 board with Debian as Dom0 and Android as DomU. We has created passthrough node for GPU so that it is exclusive for DomU Android. On booting DomU mali drivers are loaded successfully and able to see /dev/mali0, but getting below errors continuously.

[   19.569690] mali 10000000.mali: error detected from slot 1, job status 0x00000004 (TERMINATED)
[   19.569842] mali 10000000.mali: t6xx: GPU fault 0x4002 from job slot 1
[   19.569906] mali 10000000.mali: t6xx: GPU fault 0x4002 from job slot 0
[   19.583539] mali 10000000.mali: Unhandled Page fault in AS1 at VA 0x0000007905493040
[   19.583539] Reason: Memory is not growable
[   19.583539] raw fault status: 0x7C1002C0
[   19.583539] decoded fault status: SLAVE FAULT
[   19.583539] exception type 0xC0: TRANSLATION_FAULT
[   19.583539] access type 0x2: READ
[   19.583539] source id 0x7C10
[   19.583539] pid: 1560

Here is the command line for Android.

extra = "earlyprintk=xenboot console=hvc0,115200 root=/dev/xvda1 rw rootwait rooo
tfstype=ext4 init=/init androidboot.hardware=hikey960 androidboot.selinux=permiss
sive firmware_class.path=/vendor/firmware androidboot.mode=normal
nsole=hvc0 androidboot.serialno=0123456789ABCDEF loglevel=15 buildvariant=userde
bug androidboot.swtype=normal androidboot.veritymode=enforcing xen-fbfront.videoo = 32,1024,768"

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