Function Called by Current Valure Register(SYST_CVR) with SysTick

Hello guys,
Im trying to use the timer registers of my ARM Cortex M0 while using my pga970EVM. Unfortionally there aren't any files/Commands refering to using the 3 registers SYST_CSR, SYST_RVR, SYST_CVR. I figured out how these registers are working quite easily: SYST_CVR is set to the Reload Value which is defined by SYST_RVR. When SYST_CSR is enabled, SYST_CVR  gets lowered periodically and when reaching 0 its Value is reset to the reload Value. Normally there should be a function which is called as soon as the Current Value Register hits 0 but there is none in my generic firmware. The link provides the information I have on these registers.

Cortex-M0 Devices Generic User Guide (

o I have to write a function my own? If so how can i do it?
I already tried checking the CVR hitting 0 with an if-function: if(SYST_CVR==0x00000000)  but everything if this loop never got triggered.
Regards, Paul

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