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What is in the February 2021 release of Morello IE?

Arm made a release of the Morello Instruction Emulator on 18 February 2021

Here are the details of the updates and changes included in 1.1 release of Morello IE.


The user guide has been updated to describe the new and changed functionality including new command line options.

Updated documentation is available here:

Morello IE changes and improvements

  • Improved instruction and memory tracing and added options to change the scope of tracing.
  • Added interactive debugger.
  • Added experimental CPU cache model which can automatically use data from the tracer.
  • Improved launcher for running applications under the emulator.
  • Improved support for C library API emulation.
  • Improved performance of emulation and added options to bypass capability checks for faster execution.
  • The emulator command line options have been changed incompatibly.

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed: Application value in x26, x27, and x28 registers might be overwritten.
  • Fixed: Non-scaled memory references computed incorrectly.
  • Fixed: Emulated memory tags are not copied during memory copy.
  • Fixed: Emulated memory tags are not deleted after free or realloc.
  • Fixed: Sizes of some objects in libc emulation may not be correct on all platforms.

The updated Morello IE is available to download from