Cyclone V HPS Baremetal Watchdog

I Am trying to get the Watchdog to generate a warm reset on my HPS Baremetal Application.

My Setup:

Cyclone V custom board

Boot setup; BootRom -> Preloader -> HPS baremetal

Preloader and HPS loaded from QSPI Flash

Preloader in On Chip RAM and HPS in SDRAM

I use the following code to trigger the warm reset from the watchdog:

//status |= alt_wdog_int_clear(ALT_WDOG0);
	//set to 90 second watchdog timer
	if (status == ALT_E_SUCCESS) {status = alt_wdog_counter_set(ALT_WDOG1, 0);
	if (status == ALT_E_SUCCESS) {status = alt_wdog_response_mode_set(ALT_WDOG1, ALT_WDOG_WARM_RESET   ); }
	if (status == ALT_E_SUCCESS) {status = alt_wdog_start(ALT_WDOG1); }

I can see the watchdog count down, then the HPS goes into Hung/Reset state, but does not recover or boot again.

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong. Should the warm reset not trigger the HPS to reload from the application Entry point?

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