AXI VIP does not complete read burst

I am using the AXI VIP as a memory model to verify an incrementing AXI read burst.  ARSIZE = 0x4 ARLEN = 0x7 ARBURST = 0x1.  I have a 512 bit data bus so I expect to see data from ADDR 0x0-0x3F with 4 valids then data from 0x40-0x7F with 4 valids.  However, I instead am seeing the data from 0x0-0x3F with 8 valids.  This is causing the same data to be read back twice and causing my simulation to fail.  This does not occur in a similar implemented design with the same AXI burst settings so I am thinking the issue is with the VIP.  I am not familiar with its use.  Any reason this issue is occurring?

  • Probably a question you should be asking your VIP provider.

    ARSIZE=0x4 (128-bit) and ARLEN=0x7 (8 transfers) does mean you are accessing data in the range 0-0x7F, so if the memory is supplying data for addresses 0-0x3F twice, there is something wrong in the VIP slave model. 

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