Suggestions for a ARM Processor (SoC if available) for a digital analog hybrid Synth

Hi everyone,

I would like to build a digital analog hybrid synth. The synth's oscillators are planned to be digital (planned to capable of Wavetable, Virtual Analog, FM, Sample/Granular and Additive Synthesis ) , the signalpath of the synth analog(Filter etc.), The LFOs and effects(delay reverb compression etc) digital again. I plan to utilize for the effect section a combination of FPGA Chips and DSP Chips and use the ARM to emulate the oscilators, control signalpath, the FX-section and render the UI. So my question is which ARM Series would you recommend for the Job.

Basically without going in to much musical detail I need a performant ARM Processor (in the best case already a SoC) that can handle demanding tasks (with low latency) and is expandable with a Display, I/O Stuff (for example usb for connection to a pc or line In and out),  FPGA and DSP.

If the prototype is a succes, I'll probably try to make a commercial product of the synth, because there is a  market niche.

thank you for your help


Lukas Garden

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