NIC-400 Clock Relations questions in Socrates


I am trying to configure a NIC-400 r1p2 using Socrates V1.5.2 and I have the following questions:

  1. I have two completely asynchronous clock domains, clk_a and clk_b.  What is the difference between marking clk_a as "Programmable" vs saying clk_a has an "asynchronous" relationship with clk_b?  Checking "Programmable" automatically sets the Relationship to "asynchronous," but what if I leave "Programmable" unchecked but still select the Relationship as "asynchronous?"
  2. Do I need to specify the relationships both ways, meaning I need to configure two Clock Relations entries: clk_a is asynchronous to clk_b, and clk_b is asynchronous to clk_a?



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