AMBA 5 CHI : Does Interleaving of TxnID within a Multiple flits message allowed?

Is it possible to receive a multiple flit data message interleaved with other TxnIDs from ICN to an RN?

The CHI protocol specification does not say anything about interleaving of multiple data flits based on Transaction ID.

My inference from the protocol is that interleaving is not a feature of CHI protocol. The inference is based on following rationale:

  1. Max number of flits within a transaction can be 4 only, so there is not much scope of interleaving.
  2. Supporting interleaving will mean a lot of housekeeping at protocol layer to re-construct the packet, which will add a lot of complexity at both RN as well as ICN.

Just wanted to understand if there is any requirement to support interleaving of TxnID with a multiple data flit message in CHI? 

If you think interleaving should be supported, I would like to understand the rationale behind this support. In which scenarios this would help?

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