Compare the performance of In-order and Out-of-order in AXI protocol

I am checking the performance of an SoC system.

Currently, I am facing an issue as below:

I have 1 master access to 1 slave (OS = 8).

Assume that I have 3 packages:

A0 (ID = 0), A1(ID = 1), A2 (ID = 2).

In this case, the system supports out-of-order and I get the BW = 12 MB/s.

If I have 3 packages as below:

A0 (ID = 0), A1(ID = 0), A2 (ID = 0).

In this case, The system supports in-order (Because of same ID) and I get the BW = 14 MB/s.

I am very confused because of the difference between BW in two cases, Any body help me explan the reason ?

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