Missing CoreSight components in /renensas/r8a77970.dtsi


Currently I am working on the Coresight TPIU and STM(sytem trace macrocell ) driver. 

The source code for the drivers are also provided at /build/tmp/work-shared/v3msk/kernel-source/hwtracing/core-sight.

However at the /build/tmp/work-shared/v3msk/kernel-source/arh/arm64/boot/dts/renesas path, the r8a77970.dtsi file is missing some device tree sources such as:

Source   : STM, STM500, ETM4.0

Link        : Funnel, replicator, TMC-ETR

Sinks      : TPIU,TMC-ETF, ETB1.1, ETBv1.0

Hence,  no kernel logs are being print out from the drivers.

Besides, I have gone through the SoC400 and STM technical reference manual, no information provided such as:

reg : physical base address and length of register set.

clocks, clocks-name, power-domains and so on.

Can I have some guidance or support on this?

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