CoreLink NIC-400 Interconnect gives an extra request

Hello dear Arm experts!

I am observing an extra RD request while using your CoreLink NIC-400 Interconnect.

Transaction which gives that effect goes from AHB-lite master to APB slave through Interconnect.

Hburst = 6(WRAP16)

Hsize = 2(32 bits, Word)

Addr = 0xa000_581c

So from Interconnect to slave I am expecting to see 16 transfers 32 bit each, but I see 17.

Please see the attached wave.

I also see extra request when Burst type is INCR16, WRAP8, INCR8, INCR4, WRAP4

SINGLE type trasactions working as expected.

Could you please help me figure out why is it happening and how I can fix that?

Best Regards,


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