CMN-600 SF


I learned some information from CMN600 technical reference manual about SLC as below.

"With the LDID passed to HN-F in all CHI REQ flits, HN-F uses this LDID as the true logical ID for SF tracking purposes. HN-F uses a logical ID vector in the SF, with its size based on the total number of RN-Fs in the entire system (local and remote RN-Fs). The size is assigned when CMN-600 is generated. This value controls the SF efficiency, so it is ideal to set the value based on the total number of caching agents that can be there in the entire system. If the exact number is not known, the value must be set to support the maximum number of caching agents that the entire system can have. CCIX supports a maximum of 64 CXRAs in the entire system.

  Does it mean local SF will track all of RN-Fs for both local chip and remote chip in the system?(assume it is dual socket systems). 

Thank you!

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