Coresight 400 tool installation and IP generation

HI all,

I am new to this tool. I have following queries

1. To install this, do we requires all the tools the verified in ''

2. Becuase i dont have all the tools, i just commented the code which source '', the execution stop after giving error like "ERROR: check_file: could not locate file in the file-system: /proj/reference/ARM/CoreSight_SoC-400M/TM100-BU-50000-r3p2-50rel2/coresight_soc/logical/cssys_m3_v6m/logical/config/cxapbic_1sx2mas_m3_v6m_config/cxapbic_1sx2mas_m3_v6m_config.xml.user"

Let me know why i am getting this error and how to install Coresight SOC400. Any hep will be appreciable!!