D-Cache read problem in EL2 mode ARM V8


I am working on  EL2 mode ARM V8 ,

Problem I am facing when I enable D-cache then I am not able to read the data. 

My boot flow is EL3 to EL2 and in EL2 snippet of code is below 

1 stp x29, x30 [sp,#32]

2 mrs     x0, sctlr_el2

3 orr     x0, x0, #CTRL_C_BIT

4  msr     sctlr_el2, x0

5 ldp x29, x30 [sp,#32]

Here  I checked all x30, sp etc are valid and point to valid memory and this DDR location is accessible from other core. 

After line 4, at line 5 I am getting random values in x29, x30 

In case i comment lune 4, then boot works fine, 

I am wondering , why this enable cache is leading to bad behavior


If I stay in EL3 mode only then changing above code like 

1 stp x29, x30 [sp,#32]

2 mrs     x0, sctlr_el3

3 orr     x0, x0, #CTRL_C_BIT

4  msr     sctlr_el3, x0

5 ldp x29, x30 [sp,#32]


works fine as well. 

Thanks for help, why enabling d-cache in EL2 mode is leading to random/corrupted values 


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