Is anyone interested in IoT and Blockchain? An interesting Dev-Board

IoTeX, a startup in the Blockchain & IoT, is building a platform for the "Internet of Trusted Things".

Among their projects, there is this "Pebble Tracker" Dev-Board (it's also on Crowdsupply)based on the nRF-9160 SiP which is powered by an ARM Cortex-M33 MCU.

This board is interesting as it's the first project of its kind exploring the concept of integrating blockchain into IoT architectures: while Blockchain itself is a tamper-proof software, IoT data coming from the real world is not. And this is what this board promises to solve: it integrates a full set of useful sensors onboard (GPS Location, 6-axis motion, Temperature, Humidity, VOCs, ambient light) and makes use of Arm Trust Zone and Cryptocell chips to securely create a decentralized identity for the device an generate a tamper-proof stream of (digitally signed) sensors data.

These "Trusted data" are the perfect input for blockchain smart contracts to fuel end-to-end trusted IoT decentralized applications.

What do you think of this project? The board itself is pretty impressive in terms of IoT features alone...

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