Need help to choose MCU


I'm not new to circuit design, but I have limited experience with MCUs. And I'm overwhelmed by the wide variety of products available, so I'm hoping somebody can weigh in on this.

I'm intending to build a three-phase EV-charger with two plugs. I've been looking into AVR MCUs first and I briefly considered using a raspberry pi. Maybe someone can help. These are my requirements:

    (low bandwidth) wifi - external IC? What do I need for good range?
    SPI for communication with HV-side ADC. The HV-side ADC measures voltages and is connected via digital isolator
    6 differential inputs, 10 kSps per input (2x3 currents, currents are sensed using hall sensors and thus need no additional isolation).
    2 single-ended inputs, 1 kSps per input (2x control pilot)
    1 temp sensor (internal)
    small colour touch LCD using lvgl - what capabilities are helpful? I see some MCUs with touch support. what does that mean? I initially planned to just use a monochrome LCD and a few buttons because I thought it might be easier to talk to, but LCD touch screens are cheap and nice to have. Would there be any significant advantage to the simpler option?
additional GPIO:
    8x I/O for breakers (via driver, of course), possible buttons, LEDs,
    Most demanding task is probably running the display. Also needs to process measurements ADC (max 60k multiplications per second).
    Fully Open Source toolchain appreciated. I know that an open source compiler is no problem, what about vendor-specific libraries?
    Some ROM for storing settings so they won't be lost when power is lost
    I'm not sure about the footprint of lvgl, otherwise I don't expect much memory use.



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