Realtek Ameba1_Cortex_M3 -- SDIO Camera Need Help!

Hi I am using a microcontroller called Ameba 1 (RTL8195AM/RTL8710AF) from Realtek. Recently I have been told that this microcontrooller could connect to a household camera via SDIO interface which sounds very cool, but neither have I done this nor could I find any related information online about this, that's why I am asking if anyone knows about this here.

Just to add a little to the context, the reasons of me using this soc are that it is designed for IOT application by having low-power WiFi, many peripherals and there are many working examples and tutorials on their official website ( which is great to get a head-start in developing my DIY IOT project, and also because I got it from for free from a friend.

Any info on how to use SDIO interface for camera will be greatly appreciated!

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