How can I learn to build my own computer with Arm processors?

Hi dears.

I am looking for a book explained how to make a computer by using Arm core processors?

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  • I'd have to second peterharris, this is almost a job in itself, and enough material for several books. Today, there is a huge difference between the software and hardware sides of development. In my youth (ouch, I feel old), I whacked up a 6809 processor with some external components, including memory, interrupt controllers, EPROM, etc. on a breadboard. Today, not a chance. As Pete said, boards using this kind of processor (and in general, anything 32-bit or even worse, 64-bits) tend to be horrendously complicated. Even the memory controller; I've spent weeks integrating a DDR-II controller, because the hardware team spend days figuring out the length of a particular lane; every 10th of a millimetre was a change, and a few lines of code for us, because we needed to adjust DDR-II timings. I don't want to try and frighten you; the subject is fascinating, but very difficult. I'm not too sure how long it took to create the Raspberry Pi, but it was probably months of work. If you do want to try and create your own devices, try small. You won't create anything as powerful as a Raspberry Pi with a Cortex-M, but they are nice and small, and simple. Some can even be put on a breadboard, and are an excellent way to learn. Even if they are "small" and "simple", they are still very capable devices, and you can do a lot with them.

    Don't let me put you off, but please understand that if you want to go through with this, it will take a lot; lots of time, lots of money, lots of equipment, and probably lots of help, but you will learn from a project like this.

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