Non-secure code calling secure code - Boot Loaders

I have a few questions regarding the interaction of secure and non secure code:

1. It is clear to me that non-secure code can only call secure code that is marked non-secure callable, and through certain gateway instructions. However, it is unclear whether or not secure code can call non-secure code.  For instance, if I have two boot loaders, one an SOC boot loader, that runs first on startup and then a device boot loader that makes user specific configurations: can the SOC boot loader be secure and the device boot loader be non-secure? how can I branch from a secure region to a non-secure region?

2. Can secure code access non secure memory, through the MPC?

3. Can secure code access non-secure peripheral registers through the PPC?

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  • MPC and PPC decides the security attributes of the memory and peripheral regions.
    Which are accessed accordingly using the Secure and Non-secure alias addresses.

    1. Agree with previous comment from Uma
    2. Yes secure code can access Non-secure memory and non-secure peripheral register through Non-secure alias addresses.

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