Interrupts from the secure world to the non-secure world.

Hello experts,

I am using SAM L11 (Core is Cortex-M23).
I did a simple test of the interrupt.
In the case of the handler was the secure world, it worked as I expected.
The instruction sequences are as the follows.
 *(int*)(0xE000E380) = 0;
 *(int*)(0xE000E100) = 1;
 *(int*)(0xE000E200) = 1;
However, when Interrupt Target Non-secure Register (0xE000E380) was set,
the HardFault had occurred. As for SAM L11, would it be reasonable behavior?
 *(int*)(0xE000E380) = 1;
 *(int*)(0xE000E100) = 1;
 *(int*)(0xE000E200) = 1; /* HardFault */
Although I put the vector of the secure world to the non-secure world address, the phenomenon was not changed.
From the specification aspect, how does it work?

Thank you and best regards,

Yasuhiko Koumoto.

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