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I want to create a smart home for me , I studied masters in computer science , (MCA) , I am in confusion which microcontroller is best for home automation , any body guide me , I need someone help...

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  • Did you actually read 's reply?

    You are basically just asking a whole load more vague "what is best?" questions - which, as he said, are unanswerable.

    You need to do a lot more study/research to get to some actual requirements from which you can define things like suitable microcontrollers.

    Can I go with cortex m series?

    Have you actually looked at the Cortex-M series? It has a huge spread of options & capabilities.

    A home automation system is going to consist of many parts - there isn't going to be one single processor suitable to every part!

    This is exactly why there are so many different microcontrollers to choose from!

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