Cortex-R5: Divide-by-zero


I am using Xilinx MpSoc Ultrascale+ ZCU102.

I want to generate an interrupt when dividing by zero.
I read the Cortex-R5 technical reference manual (
The system control register C1 has the DZ bit which control the generation of Undefined Instruction exception.

My SW is running as a standalone on R5-0.
The file xreg_cortexr5.h consists the XREG_CP15_CONTROL (the C1 Register Defines) but the DZ bit is not exist there.

When I tried to change this bit by myself (using inline assembler code) according to the ARM Cortex-R5 details mentioned above and handle this with my own function, I got a SW interrupt in every cycle of my application.

Why the DZ bit is not appear in xreg_cortexr5.h?
Why changing its value cause a SW interrupt?

Is there a different way to generate the divide by zero interrupt?


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