Trustzone with Wifi


I am using the LPC55s69 in combination with wifi10click board. I want to develop a secure application that does some calculation and then sends the result over wifi. The secure application is already working but i am struggling quite a bit with the wifi and maybe someone can give me some advice so i can finish this. The wifi should be running as an unsecure application so I have the calculation totally seperated. But when I want to setup the wifi as an unsecure application (setting up the pins and all that) I keep getting hardfaults. When the Wifi runs on the secure side everything works fine. What do I have to change so i can setup the wifi board form unsecure world or is this just not possible and must be placed in secure world ? So if anyone does have some experience with Wifi in combination with trustzone i am glad for every advice.

Thanks in advance and best regards,

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