Is this right? (NVIC Interrupts)

Hello everyone, i'm working on NVIC, i need enable the TIMER2 IRQ, but without CMSIS HAL, just native C code, so i have got this:

#include "NVICDriver.h"
#include <stdint.h>
#include <string.h>

#define BASE_ADDRESS_VECTOR_TABLE	0x00000000

static uint32_t* NVIC_ISER0 = 		0x10000000;
static uint32_t* NVIC_ICER0 = 		0x18000000;

typedef void(*vect_func)(void);

static vect_func vector_table[1] = {

void NVIC_Init(){
	*NVIC_ISER0 |= 0x001C; //tmr2 enable interrupt IRQ 28
	*NVIC_ICER0 &= 0x00000000; //Clear flags
	memcpy((BASE_ADDRESS_VECTOR_TABLE+0xB0), vector_table, sizeof(vector_table));

As you can see, first i enable the IRQ on NVIC_ISER0 (IRQ28 = TMR2 so my register is NIVC_ISER0, isn''t it? after that, i clear interrupts, and I copy to vector table just the function what i want! (0xb0 is the offset into the vector table where the TIMER2 is from)

What's wrong on this?

the function TIMER2_IRQHandle should be pointing to the TIMR2 Vector addres really? i trie to turn on LED (timer is is configured) but it doesn't work



I just try this:

#define EnablePrivilegedMode() __asm("SVC #0")

#define BASE_ADDRESS_NVIC		0xE000E000
#define OFFSET_ISER0				0x100

static uint32_t* NVIC	= (uint32_t*)(BASE_ADDRESS_NVIC+OFFSET_ISER0);
static uint32_t* IABR	= (uint32_t*)BASE_ADDRESS_IABR;
uint32_t reader = 0;

void NVIC_Init(){
	*NVIC |= 0x10000000; 
	reader = ((*IABR) & 0x10000000); //Read whether IRQ28's enabled or not
	if(reader == 0x10000000){


i figured out how to enter in privileged mode, just doin SVC (supervisor call), after that i try to write NVIC_ISER0 the 28 bit, and READ the IABR so that to know whether the IRQ's active or no, if is, turn on the LED, but it doesn't work yet :(, the LED doesn't turn on. therefore it is not activeted! why?¿ any idea?

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