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We are thinking about starting to developing "middleware" firmware. It would not be very complex code, but it would need access to an SPI and UART peripheral. Ethernet and USB could however be very useful in the future.

The source code would ideally be compatible with Cortex-M micro-controllers from a large variety of vendors. As a minimum we would like to support a few parts from ST, NXP and Cypress (PSoC).

Obviously we would like to develop as few code as possible to abstract the difference hardware. Apart from the work involved, we have little experience in embedded software development.

CMSIS-Driver seems a very good solution, except that we are unsure whether this is still very active. For instance, the last change to the pack for all STM32F0 controllers is from two years ago. There is also no support for PSoC micro-controllers.

We are curious how other people tackle this problem, do you have any advice, facts or opinions? A few questions that pop in mind:

- Can we expect support for PSoC to be added in due course?

- Can we expect better support for LPC5500 in the future? Currently it's mostly restricted to SPI, UART and I2C.

- What is the code stability/quality of the drivers in practice?

- Are there alternatives? We found libopencm3, does anyone have experience with that library?

- Is it reasonable to expect cross-platform USB support, or should we expect that the only way to get this working is with the libraries provided by the manufacturer?

Many thanks in advance. Apologies if this is not the correct forum to post this question.

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