Debugger-based Firmware Test Framework

Hi all.


I'm currently working on a Python-based framework for on-target firmware testing of firmware of Cortex-M MCU systems. The approach is heavily based on the use of the debug probe to perform unit as well as system tests.

The framework I have in mind allows us to do

  • firmware testing without modifications for testing (i.e., not test code compiled into the firmware)
  • firmware component testing without mocking of, e.g., peripherals
  • firmware testing with selective injection of data into the execution
  • firmware testing on the original target device
  • firmware testing using the original compiler

The tests themselves are implemented in Python and are executed on a host PC which also gives you full accesses to whatever equipment you already have available for providing external test stimuli or performing measurements.

 I would like to learn what approaches you are taking for firmware testing and I would like to hear your opinion on the proposed approach. If things work out well, we plan to release the framework on GitHub later this spring.

Thomas, Software R&D, ams AG


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