When does a Cortex Mx wake up from "wfi" ? Is it configurable?


Question about the "hint" instruction  - WFI.

The armv7m arch manual (i'm using DDI0403_B, latest?) says it will come out of the suspended / low-power state if:

• A reset.
• An asynchronous exception at a priority that, if PRIMASK was
The processor ignores the value of PRIMASK in determining
wakeup event.

• If debug is enabled, a debug event.

and I don't understand all of it.  

Point 2 above: Say I start clean from reset with minimal setup, and (pseudo code) in my main is      while (true) { __wfi;  /* do stuf .. */ }  , and I 've left all priorities as default after reset, non-configured un-altered.  Are _any_  of Cortex non-NMI/non reset exceptions suppose to wake up my main?   i.e, SysTick,  Svc, PendSv ? 
How about external exceptions or interrupts that I've may have enabled through NVIC ? 
I'm using a CM4 based chip, and , I may have observed it wrong but it seemed to me that my main does not wake up on a peripheral interrupt, and out of the internal exceptions it wakes up on SysTick and SVC, but not on PendSV (it _seems_ ..)

Can an implementation change which exceptions will wake up the processor which is in sleep by wfi?

The part which says "implementation defined" WFI event: will those usually be expected to be specified by the tech ref manual or datasheet for the chip/ SoC? Because, I'm looking at the manual for this chip and I see no mentioning of the WFI & reference to this Implementation Defined part.

Also, Is it configurable at all, which interrupts / events would cause it to wake up from WFI ...?     (I would want to ask about WFE as well, but I rather sort one out first).

Is actually using / relying on wfi any good at all for relying to wake up your main thread to check what just has happened ..

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