Compiling error "system_MKL25Z4.h" file not found despite linker path provided

I have been trying to compile a GPIO example for the FRDM-KL25Z Arm Cortex-M0+. At the beginning I run into the problem of not finding the path for "MKL25Z4.h". After a quick search online, I found that I had to add the directory path to the project's "Include Paths" (C:/Keil_v5/ARM/PACK/Keil/Kinetis_KLxx_DFP/1.15.0/Device/Include). While this solved the error, another one came out. This time is regarding the "system_MKL25Z4.h" header file. I do not understand why this error surfaced even though I already provided the full path to the directory containing this file.

I would highly appreciate any leads on how to address this situation. Plus, more kudos, if someone could explain to me why adding the full path to the directory does not solve the problem.

Furthermore, I did think of writing the full path to the preprocessor definition inside "MKL25Z4.h". However, I think that there must be a better way to address this error.

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