M7 data cache and Peripheral DMAs

I am using an Atmel/Microchip ATSAME70 Cortex M7 processor and was working on getting Ethernet GMAC driver working. The GMAC uses an internal DMA engine to transfer packets to SRAM.  I noticed that I was getting some HRESP errors with the DMA transferring data and the peripheral driver was not working.  I disabled the data cache and the driver works. 

The code polls the SRAM locations to see if a DMA has completed so I tried leaving data cache on and invalidating the cache before reading the SRAM but that did not fix problem. I was wondering if anyone knew of any problems using the data cache and DMAs in peripherals like this? 

Note every time I contact Microchip about such problems they inform me that they never test/run code with caching enabled, so they never see any problems. 



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