Rookie needs help


This is my first time using a board at lower level, so bear with me please. I apologies in advance!

I bought the following board(STM32F103)- I am using the following tutorial to get started-[NC,L]. I am trying to copy the blinky project.

It seems like I am doing things wrong.

1.  To begin with, the tutorial asks to select SCU under Devices in the Manage Run Time Environment. I don't see it. I tried to look for SCU through Select Software Packages, but that does not seem to work as well(I don't see it there either). So I cannot compile my project. What do I do?

2. Will I need a debugger to burn code to my board? Can I not do it through the USB?

3. Is there a tutorial I could follow for this board? I can try to understand things after I get something working I guess.

4. Did I buy the wrong board? I needed a board to try simple things and get to know an ARM controller. Basic application building and peripheral interfacing kind of things.

I would appreciate any help! Again, sorry for the basic questions!


  • The SCU is a peripheral in the NXP microcontroller in that example. The STM32 chip you are using do not have that.

    The tutorial is mostly focus on how to use the tool (IDE). To really get started with the board you are using, it is better off to start with the example projects from ST.


    Unfortunately I am not able to tell you if the board that you are using has a built in debug probe or not (the User Mnaul doesn't clarify that, and seems to imply you need a separated debug probe link ULINK2). If you look into STM32 Discovery boards or stm32 nucleo boards, they do have built-in debug probe (with a secon MCU chip on board) so that you can debug and program the flash via USB. There are also plenty of examples from ST for their own boards, so that is a better starting point.

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