Nuvoton M2351 Keil RTX5 Hard faults on OS initialization


I have a Nuvoton M2351 (Cortex-M23) and I am trying to get RTX5 to run on it. The board initialization, secure main code and switch to non-secure main runs correctly but a hard fault is always triggered whenever osKernelInitialize() is called by the non-secure main function. Specifically, when stepping through the function, it seems to occur when TZ_InitContextSystem_S() is called.


0x1004323a:    f000ff89    ....    BL       $Ven$TT$L$$TZ_InitContextSystem_S ; 0x10044150


        0x10044150:    b403        ..      PUSH     {r0,r1}
        0x10044152:    4801        .H      LDR      r0,[pc,#4] ; [0x10044158] = 0x8f1
        0x10044154:    9001        ..      STR      r0,[sp,#4]
        0x10044156:    bd01        ..      POP      {r0,pc}


        0x000008f0:    e97fe97f    ....    SG        ; [0x6f8] = 0x4c1760042406600c
        0x000008f4:    f7ffbe3e    ..>.    B.W      __acle_se_TZ_InitContextSystem_S ; 0x574

The most interesting thing that occurs in my opinion is that the code jumps to the Hard Fault Handler right after the instruction at 0x1004323a is executed. I don't understand why this should occur since it is simply branching to 0x10044150 and should not trigger a hard fault.

Any reason why this is occurring?

Thank you

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