Problem with Keil setup for NXP MKV

Greetings! I`m using Keil for very first time. I`m trying to work with the RTCESL library from NXP. The problem is I can`t find the MKV46F256xxx15 node! What should I install to fix this? I have only KVx1 tab in the KVxx series tab. I think there should be more.

What should I do?


  • Hi there,

    Do you mean download the device information into the Keil MDK IDE? or is it a question about the NXP RTCESL installer?

    If you are asking about how to get the Keil MDK to download device software package for the device you want to use:

    In the IDE, open the Pack Installer by clicking on the pack installer button:

    The pack installer might need a minute (depends on connection speed) to download the latest device index.

    (You can see the download status at the bottom of the pack installer window)

    When that is done, you can expand the NXP device list

    Then find the device you wanted

    Click on the device, and now on the right hand side you have a range of software components you can install.

    Click on the install button and then it will download the software packs and install it for you.

    You can then create projects for this device.



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