Audio mixing efficiently and hard realtime requirment

warm greetings, I would want to know how capable is ARM M4 in handling up to 4 channel audio mixing of 24bits 44khz audio.

Audio fetching will be from Sd card system with FAT32 FS, QSPI to have high speed fetch. and once the audio is mixed it will stream to an I2S peripheral via DMA.

The scenario of mixing will be random and dynamically selected which mean say there are 10 audio files in sd card, An audio might be playing and in (n) th seconds there will a trigger signalling to mix the current playing audio with another audio fetched from the sd card. The latency of this process should be less than 50ms.

The MCU I have in mind to use is STM32F429IGT6.

1. Is there any specific DSP set that could speed up this process of mixing?

2. Anyone can point me which algorithms suit this mixing and that's efficient?


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