What options do I have for a GUI and an LCD?

So I want to use a TFT LCD (I'm a hobbyist btw not working anywhere.) and I'm confused about my options.

So so far I think i know what's up. You either need an LCD controller that uses either SPI or parallel interface (16bit-8 bit). But I'm not sure if they're fast enough for SPI. plus the biggest screen size I usually see is 3.5 and I'd like a 5"-4.7" display at least.

So it's either that or using a MCU with something like an LPC1788 or an STM32F746ZG. they both include an LCD controller (The stm32 has chrom-art accelerator?!) but the issue is those boards usually cost anywhere from 70-300$ which is insane.... does it just not make sense to use an LCD with a microcontroller? because a raspberry pi 3 b+ is 1.4ghz and costs 35$. you can have a fluid UI made with relatively super easy to use software and libraries in linux just like you would with any computer!

are there any sane cheap options? maybe for LCDs up to 7"? not to mention the UI would need 27-30fps. otherwise it'd look very clunky.

my actual questions are: what options do I have that aren't ridicilously expensive?

how does this make sense for companies when they can use a much cheaper SoC and just run full linux?

can I get a nice UI on something like this? i have both an LPC1768 dev(120mhz) board and a bluepill (stm32f103c8, 75mhz). i guess I could save for something as long as it's not stupidly expensive!

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