Identifying Generic IP Components on an Access Port


in the course of developing an SWD debugger, I try to find the necessary components on the Access Ports. Through the CIDRs and PIDRs, I can divide components in being CoreSight components or being Generic IP. My first supported targets will be nR51 (Cortex M0) and nRF52 (Cortex M4) controllers. According to a connected JLink, the CIDR/PIDR for the Cortex M4, System Control Space (SCS) seems to be  0xB105E00D / 0x000BB00C.

So far, I was not able to find the information, that the PID.PartNumber 0x00D identifies a SCS. Where can I find this information in this sea of documents (SoD)? Thanks for any pointers, recommendation!

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