Loading cortex M1 soft processor on Pynq Processor

am trying to load the ARM Cortex-M1 soft processor on the pynq Z2. I am writing a simple C program to read values from an array and displaying it on the Jupyter notebook. This does not seem to work as when I saw the waveform on Chipscope, the read address goes from 00,04 to random location and then to 0C. It skips 08 which is one problem and the address getting read from random locations is another issue.

I am attaching the output waveforms (file output1 and output2) and the block design (block_design and design) below.

Git Structure:
The folder cortex-m1 has the IP of the ARM processor.
The folder riscvonpynq has the folder cortexm1, which has the folder tcm which has all the files.
-cortexm1.tcl,.bit - tcl file and bit file of the overlay
-cortexm1.py - python file for calling the 'Processor' class
Folder build:
This has the following files:
- cortexm1.ld - Linker script
- init.S - initialization file of the stack and the reset handler
and makefile


Any guidance will be of great help.


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