i2c LPC1788 interface with raspberry pi3

Greetings ARM peoples

I am trying to interface LPC1788 with Raspberry Pi3 through I2C.

Raspberry Pi will be master and LPC will be slave (More LPC slaves have to be added in future)

Raspberry will send set of data to LPC and LPC will generted output for those input data . The output

data has to be send back to raspberry pi

I tried most of the sample code for i2c , but still can make any thing

I tried to connect I2C0 pins to Raspberry pi . Downloaded the slave code .

When i try i2cdetect -y 1 in raspberry pi , i get nothing

Please can anyone guide me in this issue

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  • There are too many possible root causes for the I2C transaction failure.

    Do you configure the correct I2C address? Pay attention to the 7-bit/8-bit address.

    Do you observe any I2C bus transaction via the oscilloscope? Which can diagnose the hardware connection is OK.

    Some slave I2C peripherals actually use SPI protocol, not I2C protocol.  do you double check the transaction type based on the datasheet ?

    Do your I2C sample code support the 3-wire or 4-wire devices? ....

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