Can cortex-a32 use trusted firmware a?


I am planning to boot ARM cortex-a32 core with tos and Linux.
I have gone through some documents and ended up with below understanding of armv8 boot process used trusted firmware A:

ARM Core Reset => BL1 => BL2 => (BL31/BL32(Tos)/BL33(Uboot))

Cortex-A32 is armv8 ,but  only support aarch32,

Can cortex-A32 use trusted firmware A?

If can, there are several question:
"ARM_ARCH_MAJOR" configure in the trustd firmware A should use 7 or 8?
Should cortex-a32 not use bl31 like armv7?

Is my understanding correct or I have missed something ?

please help me understand it better.

Thanks You

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