Is it possible to turn my phone's 64-bit armv8-a (32-bit mode) to 64 bit mode

My phone's model is JAT-L41. Huawei Y6s. There is a problem that it's android system is 32-bit. Because of that i can't install some apps. Lately, i wanted to play a game but it is not supported for 32-bit. I checked my phone specs. It's processor (ARMv8-A) supports 64-bit but it says 64-bit armv8-a (32-bit mode). What should I do? I have never done like ROM things. Should you help me please? I read something so i can tell that my phone supports ABIs like armeabi-v7a, armeabi and supported 32-bit ABIs armeabi-v7a, armeabi. So, is it possible to change to 64-bit? My android version is 9. When i check my system from AIDA64 it says "Huawei Honor 8A Pro"

  • I'm trying to find a best solution for this question. The reason is the lib in our application can not run with the 64 bit processor so I need to turn it off in this case. I found that in Android version 21 (lolipop)and higher we can easily detect that the device is 32 bit or 64 bit processor by using                                      visit here Build.SUPPORTED_64_BIT_ABIS and if It returns the String array with 0 elements then... a hah! The device is 32 bit processor. How about lower android version? Build.SUPPORTED_64_BIT_ABIS just only support from android Lolipop version and higher. Thanks & Best Regards, Wish you guys all the best!

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