Interrupts not received in secure world for Cortex A7 in Trsuty

Hello Everyone,

I am working on a Microcontroller from NXP - imx7D. We have recently ported Trusty on it. I have written an SPI and a GPIO driver in trusty. When I started testing on it, I realised I am not getting any interrupts in the Secure world i.e Trusty.

I have set the corresponding bit in GROUP register, Set the CPU mask in GICD_ITARGETSR register, Enable the interrupt, set the Priority register and added interrupt handler routine. However, I am not able to receive any interrupts in Trusty.

Does anyone know if I have to do any more setup to get interrupts in Trusty secure world? Or can anyone tell me what is the best way to enable and receive interrupts in the Secure world? I will try to replicate it in Trusty.



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