Why don't we see 8+ Cortex A77 cores in a cheap desktop device? Are there driver issues with Linux for such a device?

Hi all!

Considering that some arm devices work fine on ARM versions of Linux,
Why don't we see more multi core high performance ARM processors in desktops, or perhaps even compute modules?

Sure, there's eMAG, Altra, Ampere (a bit out of my reach $$$ wise), there's AWS Graviton (not for end user/consumers), and a few other 'solutions' where no commercial product has actually been made.

If someone wants to create an arm based compute server with at least an A70 series CPU, either using existing boards, or using compute modules,
What's the cheapest way to get the most compute capacity possible?

I'm not into buying those Big-Little configurations with 4 small and 4 big cores. They're costly ($120/board) and don't do compute very well (only 4 fast cores).

And does one need to compile a Linux version for it, or is any Linux for Arm (eg: Ubuntu for arm) going to work?

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