Cortex A9 MMU


I run a baremetal program  on one core of the Cortex A9. The First Stage Bootloader (FSBL, Pre-Loader) and the Second Stage Bootloader (SSBL) perform perfectly. When the baremetal application (axf-file) is started in the debugger it executes without a problem. However when the baremetal application (bin-file) is exectued directly on the machine, the baremetal application cannot be started and the follwing error is thrown:

data abort

MAYBE you should read doc/README.arm-unligned-accesses

However, when the MMU is deactivated, the application (bin-file and axf-file) execute perfectly.

This leads me to the follwing questions:

Why can the program be started in the Debugger, and at the same time cause a data abort, when the binary is executed on the machine?

Why could the MMU cause a data abort, when the bin-file is started on the machine?

I would be grateful for any hints and tips. Many thanks in advance.


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