System wide cache flush


I'm working with i.MX8DX (Dual Core CortexA35 + CortexM4) with the following simplified caching system:

My need is to flush a cached memory area to RAM in order to be viewed by the M4 core, unfortunately this area maybe cached by Core 0 and Core 1, something like this:

If Core 0 "only" did execute the assembly instruction (DC CIVAC) on address X for lines equal to size Y, on both L1 and L2, will the data cached by Core 1 also be cleaned and invalidated to RAM?

If not, do I need to execute (DC CIVAC) on both Core0 and Core1? Or there is another system-wide call that can be executed on Core 0 only to do the job?

Also, how can I test a behavior like this? Any advice?

Thanks in Advance.

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