EDSCR err bit set after a write to EDITR


I have a very similar question to the resolved entry "reason for ARMv8 EDSCR err bit set".

So I try to follow that to give the state information.


JTAG TCK = 3,788MHz.


Before Halt state:

EDPRSR = 0x1

EDSCR = 0x03007C02

After Halt state:

EDPRSR = 0x1

EDSCR = 0x03006113

After Write to EDITR with opcode 0xd503201f for a NOP instruction:

EDPRSR = 0x11

EDSCR = 0x03006153

EDSCR differs from the resolved entry in bits HDE=1, RW=0100, EL=1

And Aarch64 has no thumb mode instruction, this does not solve my problem.

Any help is appreciated.

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