Difference between ARMv8 Data Abort exception subtypes "Not in translation table" and "Translation table fault at level"?

I've gotten virtual memory working on ARMv8 after crafting the page tables. Oddly, _most_ of my translations are working (identity mapped) save for Flash which sits at physical address zero. I use a single function that edits the page tables, so the fact that _some_ work and _some_ do not is strange to me. Specifically I have only a few ranges mapped:

Flash       [0x00000000, len = 0x08000000]
UART        [0x09000000, len = 0x1000    ]
RAM         [0x40000000, len = 0x0fe00000]
Secure RAM  [0x4fe00000, len = 0x00200000]

And again, they _all_ work except for Flash. My mapping function also works for non-identity maps. There is just something strange about that Flash range.

I have an exception handler in place that I'm using to dissect the issue. I found two interesting cases when catching `Data Abort` exceptions. I encountered two Data Abort sub-types depending on the type of memory being accessed:

 - [1] Flash address range (e.g. 0x00000000)
  - ESR.ISS = 0x10 (ISS.DFSC = 0x10)
  - Synchronous External abort, not on translation table walk

 - [2] An expected unmapped address (e.g. 0x50000000)
  - ESR.ISS = 0x06 (ISS.DFSC = 0x06)
     - Synchronous External abort, on translation table walk, level 2

When attempting to handle the exception for accessing an address I _do not expect_ to be in the table I get a [2] (fault at level 2 because some nearby addresses were mapped).

When I attempt to handle the exception for accessing Flash which I _do expect_ to be in the table I get [1] (not in table walk).

So, I am confused on what these two cases represent. What is the difference between [1] and [2]? They seem to represent the same thing. Does [1] somehow represent the case that translation failed before it tried? There are defined level 0 faults I would expect to handle if that were the case. I was expecting the "Not in table" fault for the address I was not expecting to be in the table but instead received the other.
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