Processor serial number (PSN)

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Is ARM's processor serial number (PSN) visible in the BIOS and over the internet like Intel's or AMD's PSN?  Or is ARM's PSN visibility hidden by default providing users privacy? A visual PSN renders the BIOS vulnerable to hacking and firmware rootkits.
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    I do  not want to have TrustZone used. How to disable TrustZone?

    ARM Cortex A8 has TrustZone. I asked Freescale if their Freescale i.MX515 which has ARM Cortex A8 has TrustZone. Freescale support answered:  "Reference Manual does not contain any mentiones
    about ARM FreeZone - this means the i.MX51 does not support it."  I am considering purchasing a Genesi linux netbook or a Hercules Linux netbook which have Freescale i.M515. Does this mean there is no TrustZone in the i.MX515 or that it is there but is disabled?
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