Synchronization of caches on ARMv8


I have a question regarding the synchronization of caches on ARMv8 on Multi-Core.

Let's assume that we have 2 cores that are running in parallel, and both has L1 Cache with line size = 64 Bytes.

The 2 cores did cache a line from RAM:


Then, each core did write 1 byte in that line:


If at this point both cores did flush L1, will the resulted line in RAM will be like this:


Or, the data will be corrupted, and only 1 of the 2 bytes will be written in RAM?

I did try that on i.MX8QXP (Quad Core, ARM CortexA35) with a bare-metal test, and surprisingly, I didn't find a corruption.

Does this mean that the cache keeps track of which byte in the Line did change? Or, my test wasn't synchronized enough and I should get a corruption?

Thank you.

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